Dr Mike is a Christian, a Professional, a Manager, and Chief Executive.

He’s a Researcher and Consultant in Management, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Governance & Leadership.

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About Mike


turns to


… to see peaceable and empowered societies and individuals succeed.

Mission, Purpose

and to impart, serve and help individuals, societies and organizations to succeed.

How Does Mike Set Out to

– Impart

– Serve and

– Help?

This becomes a set-up for our team as leadership, entrepreneurship and motivational are in themselves set-ups. It sets us up to help humanity: corporate organizations, governments, institutions, ministries/churches, clubs, unions, associations and individuals, in their goals to achieve future they desire, destiny and purpose.

These are done through;

Mike Ihezuo Speaks Blog

Leadership RoundTable HQ

An interactive opinion and discussion blog for leaders, entrepreneurs and success motivational.

Talks/Lectures/Key Note Speaking/ Conferences/Conventions/Symposia

Are short Talks on invitations or self-sponsored, via LIVE or ZOOM.

Consultancies/Researches/ Outsourcing/Seminars [Workshops]

This’s the heart of Organizational and Manpower Capacity Development & Training, accomplishes alone or by partnering with partners especially Proctles Consulting and pro bodies.

Mentorship Programs

Is a regular or schedule self/client sponsored mentorship program in leadership, entrepreneurship, writing and public speaking.

These are published Books, and Articles; offline and eBooks, and includes Videos/CDs which can be free or for a fee. 

They are schedules/events of Dr Mike Ihezuo in which one can strike an opportunity to meet with him one-on-one; may also involves scheduling an appointment in office or public places.  

Here’s Mike’s YouTube channel for videos

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