Assisting the Ageing to Live A Good, Strong, Fulfilling, Healthy Life in Their Home

The PURPOSE of ageing gracefully is to promote the lifestyle of the elderly and senior citizens; to avoid burdensomeness and unhappiness.

age gracefully

Beliefs & Philosophy

We believe old age is a condition, just like pregnancy is.
And that Ageing is not sickness as malaria is.
We believe old age does not amount to being sickly, or poured out in weaknesses, penury, and helplessness.
But a privileged time to settle many unsettle issues, make for legacy and succession.
And others.

///Our Philosophy///
To reach out via our strategies to the elderly to help them live a good, strong, fulfilling, healthy life in their homes.

age gracefully

what we LOVE TO live for

Our Passion

We are passionate about helping elderly people achieve good, strong, and fulfilling health.

Our Strategies


Capacity Development

We train and develop the capacities of the elderly and their caregivers concerning ageing strongly.

Outreach Programme

We seek to organize outreach programmes on medical, financial, caregiving, leadership, and legacies.

Advocacy Approach

We embark on sensitization, advocacy, and campaigning to get & assist the elderly to live well.

age gracefully

Why did I open this page?

My Mother

My mother had us 12. She died at age 87 in 2022. A few years before her death, she was not as strong as she used to be. She was not sick, but some termed the weakness ageing. I didn’t agree with the term because I know people can be strong as they age even after 100 years, till death.. She survived two strokes in her mid-life and had HBP.

My Uncle

He is approaching 80, but for 10+ years, he and his wife has been bedridden with diabetes. The ageing is taking a strong toll on him, coupled with the devastating ghastly motor accident he survived in his late 50s. His wife suffered a major fall in her early 60s. 

The Cultist

I heard of a family man; his business was booming and he was ageing, but he had a serious problem: his children, wife, and other relatives wished him death. He died. Why? He was an extremely unrepentant occultist, allegedly exchanging his life with others, refusing to mend ways and repent, creating no room for legacy.

My Late In-Law

He had his life planned out for retirement and was careful with it, but the life was mysteriously snatched out of him at the dictate of his enemies at 75. He didn’t enjoy old age as he planned.

My Classmates

In 2021, we went to a former secondary school classmate’s wedding.  We were classmates from 1979–’84. They were all in their late 50s and early 60s. Some look too old and worn out for their age, and some look fair. It was 39 years old.

University Re-Union

In 2022, my university class alumni did a 30th year homecoming. It was a great and beautiful moment to see boys and girls of the 80s/90s turn into men and women of 2022, even parents and grandparents. Some came with daughters, sons, or wives; one came with a full house. It was a beautiful moment to behold. None is without white hair/beards.


On and on, there’s something about ageing and preparing for it.

mama 566x607

our goals see, care and help ageing people live strong, healthy, and fulfilled in their vulnerable period of ageing.


We are a charitable organization. self-sponsored that seeks sponsorships to help more people in vulnerable conditions of ageing.  We are a NONPROFIT organization.

Their joint ageing is amazing

The Miracle of Good Health while Ageing Together

Couple Living Together, Ageing Together, and Happy Together—What's More to Ask?

"Overwhelmed by the gift of good health and good planning, with the help of God, this couple has a heart for authentic worship and is passionate about their relationship, and this has made their ageing gracious.


Upcoming Events


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One thing hits me, and it’s: WE’RE ALL INAVOIDABLY GETTING OLD – AGEING.

Too many of the issues bother on FINANCE (retirement maintenance upkeep money, since the ability to make more money has drastically reduced or been impaired, and employment impossible). 

Some might be challenged by CHILDREN who are of concern. (You can cover it with a wide smile.)

Others might be experiencing MARITAL instability. (You can cover it with sweet pleasantries.).

Some might be bothered by GENERATIONAL challenges like succession plans, children ability of taking over the family business, or family names. (You can cover it in the smile of What can I do?).

Few might be bothered by SPIRITUAL problems or conditions (maybe rationing or rationalising it as life and as being normal). This is the HIGHEST.

Next to spiritual in fatality is HEALTH or physical fitness. Some may not be fit to eat what one wants without restriction. Fit to “flex” and “enjoy” life without failure. Fit to bite and masticate with teeth without holes and pains. Health, without fear of PSA, BP, Diabetes, breast cancer, etc.

And a lot more.

Ageing crisis is a more serious crisis than any other age-related crisis from birth to death, even more than mid-life or mid-age crisis”, says Dr Mike Ihezuo.



Age Gracefully | Ageing Gracefully | Age Well | Ageing Happily | Age Well


I know I may not change the world, but I can add value to the world around me. I’m a Christian, and I sense God wants this burden to be lifted.

I sense HE asked me to help humanity—help people plan for old age, plan for retirement, and then live it. And die at the appointed time, still strong and bubbling.

One mustn’t be a “vegetable” before health.

He/she mustn’t be sick or worn out before death.

One doesn’t need to die prematurely.

I sense He wants me to debunk and refuse the philosophy, “We take life as we see it,” to “No, we take life as we want, desire, design, and plan it...with God helping us and adding His Seal of Approval.

We don’t live by chance, but intentionally, because chances can always occur.

I sense HE wants me to start with this web presence, and all other things will be added to the vision and the dream.

Our 4 Pillars

To begin, 4 PILLARS are given on how we want to help the elders and senior citizens.

These are leadership-relationship signs where you place a premium on reconciliation and conciliation. You begin to mend your ways. One of the signs of ageing well is when you can look back and see relationships not straitened, and you choose to straiten your paths and ways because you don't know who will carry or help you as you get older, even at death. You think of errors to correct, wisdoms to impart, and knowledge to communicate, information to pass across, and directions to give.


At 50, we begin to notice changes in the entire body's physiologies: looks, strengths of resilience, portability and elasticity of body tissues, weaknesses in resistance, changes in body structure, changes in face, changes in walking steps, quickness to give in, and less lasting time. The worst show of these changes is when people begin to call you senior man, grandpa or grandma, papa or mama, or old man or “woman"— all these are cultural innuendos of reminding you that you are ageing more than them." At 60 dot, everything in you manifest ageing no matter your cover-ups. Retirements starts beckoning. Soonest, you have it.


There are spiritual signs, even to the worst unbeliever. Fears of the known and unknown start demanding for clarity. Many thoughts of changing one's ways. Many thoughts of ageing cross people's minds as they get closer. Most of them constitute regrets—things one can redo if given the opportunity to live again. But who will give them the opportunity?


Finance is critical again because money answers “all” (all that money can buy). Money, yes, because at this age, many restrictions and prohibitions are placed on your money-earning capabilities. One can cover the lack of money with, 'I have tried; my children will do the rest I couldn’t!. But, is it reliable?

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