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Self or Personal Leadership

Leadership starts with your ability to lead you before thinking of leading others. Many have not discovered the leader inside for self, are led by others, not self…

mis unions

Party, Union, Club & Team Leadership

Here leadership is challenging as everyone can be on same/similar strength. Leaders here have something special that drive them to lead the people well.

Government/Political Leadership

This is commonest of what many know to be leaders. They are positional leaders, of those in government which could be executive, judiciary and legislature.

mis corporates

Corporates, Organizations, & NGO Leadership

Leaderships of corporates; profit and NOT for for profit organizations are developed, trained and repositions by us…

Ministries & Churches Leadership

Ministry leadership is becoming extremely challenging because of its voluntary nature and we train church and ministry leaders…

mis youth

Youth, Women, Students and Men L/Developmemt

Young people, women & men leaderships deserved being trained and developed in their capacities to deliver leadership…

Emotional, Social & Cultural Intelligence

ei is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they’re telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people around you.

Time [Self] Management


You are what you do with your time, yet there are hundreds of ways to waste time and living a purpose-less life, but invest time profitably.

Team Work, Team Play & Team Building

team is a group of people with common goals, who cooperates and communicates to themselves with commitment to another.

Public Speaking

how to become a fearless, confident public speaker in only minutes a day is possible and without effort…

Conflicts Management, Peace Building & Crisis

finding solutions to workplace & association crisis & wars by taking control of Peace Building, Grievances Handling, and Conflicts Management.

Reading, Thinking & Listening

Many will prefer to forego everything than to think. What of reading? Listening is a skill only considered by few, yet a key success factor.

Overview of leadership

The essence of leadership development is for you to develop the capacity to lead yourself, then lead others, be motivated.

Discovering I’m called to lead, develop and impact leaders to lead is one of my greatest discoveries; it’s a discovery of purpose and a tool for fulfillment. Since that discovery in 2006, I have exerted and exercised my Time, Energy, Resources, and Money to discover purpose, then live, share, and communicate purpose. It challenges me to invest in things, people, and myself to help people, organizations, institutions, ministries, unions, clubs, associations, and governments find their places in destinies, life, careers, and businesses.

Our world is traumatized by poor leadership challenges, not addressing its needs adequately can deny billions on earth their places in destinies. Leaders take people to the future [destination, destiny], give hope, etc., and make everything happen.

Untrained Professional is called a quark.
So, untrained leader is a quark leader.
Train Your leaders.

Power belongs to the leader (on behalf of the people) .

Watch Now

Loyalty is better than knowledge or skill in the school of leadership.

Leaders ought not to compromise loyalty.

Leadership is Everything

Everything is Not Leadership, BUT Leadership Is Everthinmg


… this is 


Occupying a leader’s seat without being


makes such a


Hope you’re not a QUARK? – Mike Ihezuo





l e a d e r s

…there’s a great dearth of true leaders sufficient enough to make our world a better today“. – Dr Mike Ihezuo

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