Money makes it easier to get things done. Sure!

A penniless old man or woman is in great penury, especially when blessed with helpless children.

Stop putting hopes on foolishness. Use your time. Don't trust rubbish. Prepare for a rainy day. Make haste while the sun shines. A stitch in time saves nine.

Preparing 4 Retirement

Preparations for the Yearning Days

Financial Investments

Building Passive Incomes 

Pension Schemes

Gratuity Management


Managing Retirement

managing you Now you're in your yearning Age

Looking Back and Forward

Observing Successors Play It

Coaching & Sharing Experiences

Mentoring & Advising


Succession Planning+

handing over batons and actuals handover.

Helping Successors Do Better

Blessing Successors

Ensuring Conflict-free Demise

Settling Inheritances


Now You're About To Retire As Employee

Sustainable INVESTMENTS and SKILLS you need to grab or arm yourself with

You've Worked for bosses; Now Be A Boss

You can create wealth even in retirement if had worked as employees by developing capacities in that line

Passive Income Are the Sweetest Income Pathway

Learn how create multiple streams of passive income without affecting your daily active income generations.

Manage Your Businesses

Just from one point:

Retirement Culture in Nigeria cum Africa


How KFC Started: A Lesson for Retiree


Ready to Collaborate? Network? Partner?

You Can Do It Now, Even Now!!!

Basic Training Modes for Ageing Persons

… we try to carry our Capacity Development and Training to different strata of ageing persons, senior citizens and elder statemen using different techniques as listed herein.

Other Services to Ageing Persons

…we perform other services to ageing people, like Consulting in their areas of interest that fall into our specialties. We also set up a business and develop a business plan at their instance. We can outsource, and advise.