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Every person needs motivational on a regular basis, just as he or she needs his or her daily bath.

“Dream Never Die; It Fades, Refire & Live Your Dreams”.


"I Can Make It Happen" - antedote for Success

"Dream Never Die; It Fades; Refire & Live Your Dreams."

Do you have a dream?

Do you live your dream?

is your dream real to you?

is your dream clear to you?

Does your dream compel you?

Do you have a strategy for it?

Can you pay for it and what?

Are you fulfilled by pursuing it?

And more… 

Dream Never Die, It Fades, Refire & Live Your Dreams ​

A message that you have all it takes to make your dream work so long as you are alive. Dream only fades as light so long as the dream lives. Only what he/she needs is to re-FIRE and LIVE back the dream. How to are inclusive.​

Dare Be A Success: Develop Success Mentality & Succeed

Challenge yourself to be a success in a world of 7.7 billion, of which not up to 0.001% cut the deal and in which many recoil to their shelves, unable to stretch themselves to discover, live, share, and communicate their purpose. .

The Time You're Livin' In: Living Successfully In 21st Century

Rate of change of time is alarmingly critical. The rate is of more concern than the change itself. To succeed in the NOW, you need The NOW Mentality of the time you're living, to be able to plot your way to success. All successes are plotted to make it.

57 Winning Habits for Excellence In 21st Century

Critical habits to develop and live by in the 21st century are a panacea for success in school. We make or create habits, and the habits make or determine us. So we need to master these 57 habits of excellence.

unleashing the Potentials & Maximizing the Possibilities

All men are sent into the world with limitless chances and capacities, but few attempt to draw their full capacity; a minute number made it, leaving others. Your potential is limitless. Unleash the potential in you...Maximise the possibilities and reach the greatest.

Growth, Grow

Growth is a deliberate reality that can be made to happen and can be measured. Growth is not automatic in the way many define it. To grow, deliberate attempts are made, sometimes by removing impediments to growth. This requires effort.


Success Motivations...

Motivating Workforce to Perform

organization motivation..


Motivating you, your world and your genre...


consciously invest in growth. many ignore it. you got the potential to bring to limelight.

dare be a success: develop success mentality & succeed

We believe that when people or employees are motivated and inspired by people like #MikeIhezuoSpeaks and #MIS, they discover that profitability and productivity are not just in the management theory of the 20th century. In the 21st century, work has a different meaning, and to get the best out of work, employers or management should know that real success lies in employee’s self-discovery, self-development, self-awareness, and proper understanding of work. They need to be motivated to find direction, energize their enthusiasm and passion, and so forth. This is what #MikeIhezuoSpeaks speaks among directors, managers, and staff of the organisation, thereby doubling their profitability in six months, to say the least.

Let MIS motivate your workforce.

Understand "the time you are livin' in: living successfully in the 21st Century", in order to plot your way to success & prosperity,




I had the great privilege of being born and lived in the 20th Century, started learning [schooling], earning, became conscious of my environment and graciously migrated into 21st Century and continue learning and is yearning. Same is true for every adult reading this book or everybody above 12 years at November 2011 [the time of writing this book]. I take it as a privilege, not taken for granted, and I thank GOD.

Matter of Urgency.

It’s urgent that in this 21st century that all of us that migrated into her on December 31st 2000 must succeed or fail in this century – no other century. Why? You can’t just cross two millennia, even if it is given to you as a gift, you will not like it i.e., wish to migrate to 22nd century. You’ll be too old to your liken. So, they must succeed or fail in this 21st century before their deaths. The children born early this century can migrate.

But my concern in this book is serious!

My Concern.

Today’s life and work environments require far more than THINKING skills, hard work and content knowledge. The ability to compass and navigate the complex life and work environments in the globally competitive information age requires to pay rigorous attention to developing adequate relevant life and career skills.

Once Upon A Time.

The time I was born, things were a bit stable, stable enough that planning is enough to take life or organization to a good height if not a peak. As I came to end of 20th century and entered into 21st century, now its 2nd decades, planning is becoming useless. That means that before you finish planning, the thinking you are planning to execute have already gathered mental dust, outdated or moribund.

The Paradigm Shift.

We begin to talk about revisable plans – STRATEGY. We start talking about CHANGE. We talked about jet age, and knowledge worker age. Today, we talk beyond those facts. Why? How can we talk about change when the rate of change is faster than the change itself? Now, we can encourage people to reinvent themselves, the organization and their genre…and that they need a strategy to achieve these reinvention: of a new version of themselves.

We don’t just talk about knowledge; we talk of age of “uncommon” wisdom. We challenged Management, and encourage people to stop maintaining (statuesque i.e., managing) but start leading.

Redefinition of Things.

The 21st century redefined work, life, love, …, just everything. It is age of globalization, automation, technology and of course, paradox. You need a new set of paradigm shift, a new skill set and a new know-how set to make impact in 21st Century. Impact is real…impact matters!

The Book. 

My book did a great exposure of this. But see an abridged version of it – let me give you a run-down of my persuasion of 21st century keys to living ‘impact-full’ life to win in this field of battle in 21st century. Note, a key is an access, a secret, a strategy, a tip, a way-out, and an answer. So, as you get these keys;

key of self discovery, committed passion, spirit of excellence and fervency, today’s knowledge and thinking, lifetime learning, innovative ideas, creativity, right attitude, upgraded and sharpened minds, renewed mindset, empowerment, daily motivation and inspiration, correct beliefs and values, updated information, trendy skills, some cash, sound health, beneficial accountable relationships, prudence and efficiency, beyond effectiveness, strong leadership, and ultimately the GOD’s factor,

use them key-fully.


I am persuaded to impact, influence and properly impress in 21st century. And I have started. Your life and career should;

  • Be flexible
  • Be Adaptable
  • Have initiative
  • Have self-direction
  • Have social skills
  • Have cross-cultural skills
  • Manage profits
  • Produce results
  • Be accountable
  • Be a community person
  • Guide and Lead others.

Dr Mike Ihezuo,

The Author.

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Goal Setting

...why do 97% of all people fail to reach any really important goals, only succeeding (if ever) on the 27th attempt... after years of trying and failing?

Power of Focus, Concentration

..whatever we focus on, expands; whatever we concentrate on; we see; whatever we see is deeply influenced by our expectation.. This is a powerful concept with significant implications for both our personal and organizational lives.

Dream Never Dies, It Fades

Dream Dream, Make It work

…replaced fading and vague dreams with re-firing, put your dream to test and re-live them, replaced carelessness with attention to details; indecision with certainty in your convictions.


...we can be stuck on bad attitudes, negative expectations, fear of failure or success, while our motivations for pursuing success can stem from greed to fear of lack to a sense of right and entitlement, our success is intimately tied to what we think of ourselves.

Retirement Prep

…many middle aged adults experience major life events that can cause a period of psychological stress or depression, such as the death of a loved one, or a career setback. This calls for immediate preparation for retirements

Multiple Streams of Income

MSI creates financial abundance if well managed that will radically alter your thoughts, beliefs and habits concerning money and anything else remotely affecting how much you earn and keep.

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